At BNB Estimation, we take pride in our highly skilled team of masonry cost estimators and material takeoff specialists, who bring a wealth of experience from a diverse range of construction projects. To address our clients’ varied needs, we offer exceptional masonry estimating services and accurate masonry cost estimating, ensuring a smooth and successful project experience.

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Numerous masonry contractors turn to us for precise and timely bid preparations, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. When you choose BNB masonry estimating services, you can expect the following benefits:

By outsourcing your masonry cost estimation needs to BNB Estimation, you can focus on your core business operations while we ensure accurate and efficient cost estimation services tailored to your requirements.

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If you’re seeking exceptional masonry estimation services, BNB Estimation is here to serve you. With years of diverse experience in the estimation industry, we excel in providing timely and highly accurate estimates for clients all over the US.

Our expert masonry cost estimators possess practical knowledge of masonry works and are adept at quantifying every detail in Division 4 masonry trade. This includes all types and configurations of bricks, CMU walls, clay and glass masonry, mortar and grout, brick veneer, bond beams, lintels, facing bricks, insulation, flashing, masonry reinforcement, masonry restoration, transportation, labor costs, and man-hours involved.

With our team of construction estimators utilizing the best masonry estimation services software, such as AccuBid, Planswift, and Bluebeam, you can be confident in the quality and accuracy of our masonry contractors’ estimations.

What we quantify in our masonry estimating services?

 CMU Masonry Cast stone
 Glass unit masonry Mortar and grout
 Clay unit masonry Masonry Flashing
 Architectural & glazed masonry Masonry Anchorage
 Stonemasonry walls Masonry Insulation
 Granite Chimney brick
 Limestone Brick tuckpointing
 Marble Brick wall tiles
 Sandstone Brick Veneer
 Soapstone Stucco work
 Slate Terra Cotta Masonry

 CMU Masonry

 Glass unit masonry

 Clay unit masonry

 Architectural & glazed masonry

 Stonemasonry walls







 Cast stone

 Masonry Flashing

 Masonry Anchorage

 Masonry Insulation

 Chimney brick

 Brick tuckpointing

 Brick wall tiles

 Brick Veneer

 Stucco work

 Terra Cotta Masonry 


Masonry estimation is a complex and time-consuming task, involving the calculation of brickwork, CMU blocks, stone masonry quantities, and more. This process requires a deep understanding of building foundations, walls, reinforcement, labor costs, material costs, transportation, and other aspects. In such a competitive construction industry, accuracy is crucial, and that’s where professional Masonry Estimating Services come in.

Masonry contractor’s estimation plays a vital role in avoiding over quoting or underquoting on large masonry and concrete projects. Over quoting can result in losing contracts, while underquoting can lead to financial losses and jeopardize the company’s reputation. Thus, seeking the expertise of masonry cost estimating services is essential to ensure precise estimates and win projects with good profit margins.

Masonry estimation services also consider construction sequence knowledge, material wastage, and the percentage of damaged bricks in the process. By outsourcing your estimation needs to a reputable masonry estimation company, you not only save time but also increase your chances of securing profitable projects in the long run.

Choosing to outsource your estimates to an experienced estimating company like BNB Estimating can offer several advantages:

  • Time-saving: Outsourcing allows you to allocate the time previously spent on preparing estimates towards developing strategies for business growth.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Partnering with expert estimators ensures highly accurate and detailed estimates for your projects.
  • Increased bid volume: By outsourcing estimates, you can submit more bids, increasing your chances of winning more projects.

What will you receive?

Our Estimation Process

  • We begin the masonry cost estimating process by meticulously reviewing the drawing plans and specifications provided by the client. We consider plan, elevation, and section views to determine the scope of work for masonry contractor’s estimation.
  • Our masonry estimation company utilizes masonry takeoff software like Planswift and Bluebeam for measuring quantities with a point-and-click method, importing these quantities into Excel spreadsheets organized by Master Format.
  • Our masonry estimating spreadsheet includes a breakdown of quantities for the following:
      • All masonry units used in constructing foundation walls, including various materials and forms.
      • Deductions for openings such as doors, windows, and ventilation.
      • Number of facing bricks and masonry veneer, stone veneer, and brick veneer, if required.
      • Distinct mentions of masonry units involved in different categories.
      • Amount of mortar and grout required.
      • Masonry reinforcement, scaffolding, and other miscellaneous items, if needed.
      • Masonry insulation, flashing, and weep holes, if necessary.
  • We apply material, equipment, and labor costs using RSMeans and our construction cost database for zip code-based prices, providing clients with reliable masonry bid estimating.
  • Our masonry estimation services process includes the estimation of man-hours, labor costs, and other expenses such as transportation, taxes, permits, and costs for restoration and cleaning if required.
  • Contingency funds are considered to cover unforeseen costs and inflation, ensuring that our masonry contractors estimation is as accurate as possible.
  • Our senior estimator performs a final audit to ensure the quality of our masonry estimating services, providing our clients with confidence in their project’s budget and timeline.

So why wait? Contact us today for your masonry cost estimating needs and get a free quote for our masonry cost estimating services. Let us help you take your project to the next level with our accurate and cost-effective estimating services.

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