Acquiring accurate flooring cost estimates is crucial for a successful construction project. Our trusted Flooring Estimating Services provide the expertise needed to streamline the process, ensuring you save valuable time while focusing on other vital aspects of bid management. Trust us to deliver precise flooring cost estimates for your projects, allowing you to achieve your goals with confidence.

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Numerous flooring contractors turn to us for precise and timely bid preparations, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. When you choose BNB flooring estimating services, you can expect the following benefits:

By outsourcing your flooring cost estimation needs to BNB Estimation, you can focus on your core business operations while we ensure accurate and efficient cost estimation services tailored to your requirements.

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When it comes to flooring cost estimates and quantity takeoff, utilizing modern methods and professional Flooring Estimating services can streamline the process and provide accurate results. Contractors seeking precise flooring cost estimates can rely on advanced software tools like PlanSwift, Blue Beam, and AutoCAD, which have revolutionized the construction industry. These tools allow flooring contractors to import digital drawings, scale them, and outline areas for each flooring type, automating the calculation of areas and costs.

BIM industry software such as NavisWorks further enhances the process by offering automatic quantity calculations and project costing. Exporting the quantities to an MS Excel spreadsheet and pricing the material takeoff sheet ultimately yields the total bidding cost for the project. By leveraging professional Flooring Estimating services and cutting-edge technology, contractors can enhance their estimation accuracy and efficiency, ensuring success in the competitive construction market.

What we quantify in our electrical estimating services?

 Concrete Floor Stains  Wood Athletic
 Decorative Concrete Toppings  Bamboo Wood
 Glass Flooring and Framing  Engineered Wood
 Leather  Cork
 Laminate  Rubber
 Static Control  Resilient Athletic and Sports
 Dance  Terrazzo Tile
 Fitness Room and Mats  Vapour Control
 Solid Wood  Carpeting
 Reclaimed Wood  Fluid Applied

 Concrete Floor Stains

 Decorative Concrete Toppings

 Glass Flooring and Framing



 Static Control


 Fitness Room and Mats

 Solid Wood

 Reclaimed Wood

 Wood Athletic

 Bamboo Wood

 Engineered Wood



 Resilient Athletic and Sports

 Terrazzo Tile

 Vapour Control


 Fluid Applied


Our company’s team of skilled estimators has extensive experience in efficiently estimating a wide array of flooring types such as VCT tiles, LVT floors, carpets, rubber tiling, wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, dance flooring, leather flooring, fitness room flooring and mats, tile flooring, and laminate flooring. Our adept estimators can tackle projects of varying scales, using the most advanced and up-to-date software like PlanSwift. We provide flooring estimation services for a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, including homes, apartments, studio flats, mixed-use facilities, condominiums, home additions, mansions, home improvements, custom homes, arenas, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, offices, hotels, restaurants, exhibition buildings, fire stations, and warehouses.

Our experts recognize the importance of accurate estimates and thoroughly review and double-check each appraisal with senior estimators before delivering it to clients. This approach guarantees we offer precise and dependable flooring estimates tailored to our clients’ needs. The key features of our services include:

  • Expertise in various flooring types to cater to a wide range of project requirements.
  • Proficient estimators with experience in both residential and commercial projects, ensuring versatile and adaptable services.
  • A rigorous review process conducted by senior estimators to ensure the accuracy and reliability of every estimate we provide.

What will you receive?

Our Estimation Process

The flooring estimation process is vital in any construction project, and our expert Flooring Estimating Services ensure precision and efficiency. We start by examining the client’s general plan to pinpoint the primary scope of work. Utilizing digital software like Bluebeam, PlanSwift, and Accubid, we conduct accurate flooring cost estimates with attention to detail.

Our comprehensive Flooring Takeoff Spreadsheet includes quantities related to flooring and detailed tile and base specifications, which are crucial for precise flooring cost estimates. We use RSMeans and the construction cost database to provide up-to-date, zip code-based pricing for various components, such as:

  • Man-hours
  • Labor costs for skilled and unskilled labor
  • Material costs
  • Equipment costs

Additionally, our Flooring Estimating Services take into account factors like excavation, soil leveling, and compaction, as well as transportation, equipment, and labor expenses. We also consider miscellaneous costs, including storage, concrete tests, waste, spillage, and logistics.

Finally, our lead estimator conducts a thorough review to ensure that all aspects of the estimate align with the client’s requirements, providing the most accurate and reliable flooring cost estimates in the industry.

So why wait? Contact us today for your Flooring cost estimating needs and get a free quote for our flooring cost estimating services. Let us help you take your project to the next level with our accurate and cost-effective estimating services.

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