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If you’re a lumber contractor, framer, or vendor seeking reliable and accurate lumber estimating services, you’ve come to the right place. At BNB Estimating, we specialize in providing thorough and precise lumber takeoff services for all CSI divisions, including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and civil projects. Our team of experienced estimators uses the latest software to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, saving them time and money. We provide a range of wood and plastic composite estimating services, including lumber takeoff services.

Entrust Your Lumber Estimating Work to BNB Estimation

Numerous lumber contractors turn to us for precise and timely bid preparations, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. When you choose BNB lumber takeoffs service, you can expect the following benefits:

By outsourcing your lumber takeoffs needs to BNB Estimation, you can focus on your core business operations while we ensure accurate and efficient cost estimation services tailored to your requirements.

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Woodwork contractors, framers, builders, and carpenters can benefit from our affordable and accurate lumber estimating services. Our detailed estimates, which include the costs of lumber, labor, transportation, insurance, permits, and more, have helped our clients win bids and earn higher profits. We also assist general contractors and builders in negotiating with their suppliers and subcontractors.

In addition to serving construction professionals, we also provide precise lumber takeoff services for wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers. Our lumber takeoffs help their salespeople advise customers on the right material quantity to order, leading to increased sales and stronger business relationships. We also provide a lumber cut list to minimize waste and promote a sustainable environment.

What we quantify in our Lumber Takeoff services?

 Cabinets Standing & running trim
 Millwork Wood trusses
 Wood stairs & railing Subfascia
 Timber Framing
 Countertops Eaves & rakes
 Plastic fabrication Wooden studs
 Paver stands Wood framing
 Woodwork Wooden joists & beams
 Wood veneers Structural timber
 Plastic laminates Wood trusses
 Slatwall paneling Floor joists
 Rough carpentry Wood shelving
 Wood decking Trim & siding
 Sheathing Casework
 Drywall framing Wood paneling
 Fiberglass gratings Stair components
 Exterior trim Structural insulated panels



 Wood stairs & railing



 Plastic fabrication

 Paver stands


 Wood veneers

 Plastic laminates

 Slatwall paneling

 Rough carpentry

 Wood decking


 Drywall framing

 Fiberglass gratings

 Exterior trim

 Standing & running trim

 Wood trusses



 Eaves & rakes

 Wood framing

 Wooden joists & beams

 Structural timber

 Wood trusses

 Trim & siding


 Wood paneling

 Stair components

 Structural insulated panels


Performing accurate lumber takeoffs and estimates requires a deep understanding of millwork construction techniques, wall arrangements, lumber quality, and structural connections. Doing these tasks yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why outsourcing your lumber takeoff needs to a professional estimating company like ours can save you time, money, and effort.

Our expert estimators provide highly accurate and timely lumber takeoffs, allowing you to focus on other essential activities such as bidding on more projects and developing business strategies. By using our services, you can save money on hiring and training professional staff, as well as expensive estimating software.

Our lumber takeoff services include all the necessary details such as timber or lumber, labor costs, labor-hours, and transportation costs, helping you win bids and earn good markups. Our estimates also assist general contractors and builders in negotiating with suppliers.

We also provide an accurate lumber cut list, making it easy for woodworkers to convert lineal feet to board feet and ensure that the majority of the timber is used with minimal wastage.

What will you receive?

Our Estimation Process at BNB Estimation

  • Our expert estimators are knowledgeable in construction techniques, wall alignments, lumber quality, temporary bracing, and reinforcement
  • We start the lumber estimation process by reviewing drawing plans, material specifications, and field requirements to define the scope of work
  • Our estimators use the latest software like Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble for on-screen lumber takeoff to accurately measure dimensions
  • We provide a precise lumber cut list to ensure maximum usage and avoid wastage by cutting lengths
  • Our lumber takeoff includes quantities for wooden posts, structural lumber components, insulation gaps, rough carpentry, floor decking, roof decking, window/door casings, joists, rafters, and trusses
  • Our lumber takeoff includes quantities for wooden posts, structural lumber components, insulation gaps, rough carpentry, floor decking, roof decking, window/door casings, joists, rafters, and trusses
  • Our estimates include direct and indirect costs like lumber costs, transportation costs, insurances, safety costs, cleanups, and other miscellaneous costs
  • We offer both quoted material lists or utilize our construction cost database and RSMeans for up-to-date and location-based pricing
  • Our estimating services are specifically designed for lumber contractors seeking reliable and accurate lumber takeoff services


So why wait? Contact us today for your lumber cost estimation needs and get a free quote for our lumber takeoffs services. Let us help you take your project to the next level with our accurate and cost-effective estimating services.

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