If you’re seeking exceptional drywall estimating services to eliminate the challenges of over-quoting or under-quoting on your bids, we’re here to provide you with highly accurate and comprehensive drywall construction estimation and take-off services.

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Numerous drywall contractors turn to us for precise and timely bid preparations, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. When you choose BNB drywall takeoffs services, you can expect the following benefits:

By outsourcing your drywall cost estimation needs to BNB Estimation, you can focus on your core business operations while we ensure accurate and efficient cost estimation services tailored to your requirements.

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When it comes to exceptional drywall cost estimating, BNB Estimating is the go-to solution for contractors and professionals in the industry. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering comprehensive and accurate drywall estimating services, ensuring that every aspect of the project is accounted for.

Specializing in drywall cost estimating, our skilled professionals provide thorough quantity takeoffs and drywall construction estimation for a wide range of projects, from large-scale commercial developments to residential properties across the USA and Canada. Our extensive experience and strong connections with drywall contractors, wholesalers, suppliers, and construction companies worldwide have established BNB Estimating as a trusted partner in the industry.

By choosing BNB Estimating for your drywall cost estimating needs, you’ll gain access to our expertise, precision, and unmatched attention to detail, resulting in accurate quotes and streamlined project execution. Let BNB Estimating be your reliable resource for top-notch drywall estimating services and experience the benefits of our industry-leading expertise.

What we quantify in our Drywall takeoffs services?

 Drywall sheets Drywall mud
 Sheetrock panels Drywall taping
 Gypsum wallboard Blocking
 Gypsum board ceiling Joint tape
 Acoustic ceiling Joint Sealant
 Cementitious backer board Screws
 Backing Corner beads
 Sheathing Clips
 Thermal insulation Bracings
 Acoustic insulation Metal studs
 FRP Metal furrings

 Drywall sheets

 Sheetrock panels

 Gypsum wallboard

 Gypsum board ceiling

 Acoustic ceiling

 Cementitious backer board



 Thermal insulation

 Acoustic insulation


 Drywall mud

 Drywall taping


 Joint tape

 Joint Sealant


 Corner beads



 Metal studs

 Metal furrings


Navigating the complexities of drywall construction estimation can be a daunting task, as it necessitates an in-depth understanding of the drywall installation process, materials, and the labor hours required. Moreover, being aware of local working conditions, transportation expenses, and other associated costs is crucial for accuracy. Inaccurate drywall quantities can lead to lost bids, budget overruns, and financial losses.

To create a detailed and precise material takeoff list for your residential or commercial projects, you need the expertise of professional drywall take-off services. Our skilled team at Drywall Estimating Services will examine every aspect of your project and provide a comprehensive partition wall estimate, including sheetrock.

Key factors we consider while providing our top-notch drywall estimating services:

  • Material costs, fixtures, and transportation expenses, as well as hidden costs related to partition walls, such as permits, fees, taxes, and planning applications.
  • Labor requirements, including skilled and unskilled labor, project management, and foreperson needs, as well as local labor rates or your dedicated labor source rates.
  • Wholesale drywall material rates or rates from local suppliers, ensuring that you receive the most accurate drywall estimating services possible.

What will you receive?

Our Estimation Process

  • Review drawing plans and bid documents to determine the scope of drywall construction estimation
  • Utilize advanced takeoff software like Planswift for accurate measurements in providing drywall take-off services
  • Export all quantities to Excel spreadsheets, organized by floors, wall types, partitions, sections, and elevations
  • Estimate the exact amount of required materials, ensuring precise drywall estimating services
  • Apply pricing using RSMeans and our construction cost database for up-to-date, location-based material and labor costs
  • Incorporate client-specific labor rates and quoted material lists for vendors, if needed
  • Account for local labor rates, labor hours, transportation costs, painting costs (if required), wastages, and other miscellaneous costs like permits, taxes, site repairs, and cleanups
  • Employ value engineering techniques to maximize the client’s profit potential in our drywall estimating services

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